Events and projects

Some Workshops

Further details of residencies and the Essential Nature Art Walks will be added as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I will be happy to answer any […]

Indoor Gallery


Voyage – interactive installation. A framework 11m x 2.5m was fixed near the ceiling, from which strips of recycled polythene hung to the floor. All […]

Outdoor Gallery

The Skern

The Skern – a tidal spiral earthwork, made for the Appledore Visual Arts Festival 2007, and still visible today (2020).  Dark boulders and sea-worn bricks from […]

Outdoor Gallery

Kamiyama Spiral

Kamiyama Spiral, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, 2002:  this work marks  the culmination  of Linda Gordon’s 6-week period of residency on the annual Kamiyama artist-in-residence programme (KAIR). […]

Outdoor Gallery

Flying Visit

Wysing Arts,  Bourn, Cambridgeshire. Sep 2000. Two sets of straight double tracks, the longest being 100m long, cut through a field of tall grass. Locally […]

Outdoor Gallery

Breathing Space

From Little White Houses project – Bickleton Wood, North  Devon. A still- continuing series of short-lived outdoor works concerning our relationship to ‘wild’ nature. In […]