Made for Les Phonies Bergeres, Accous, France.

This Festival of the Arts up in the Pyrenees in southern France was an unforgettable experience for me, even now, 6 years later – with its unpredictable weather, the fabulous community spirtit, the music, fun and laughter, and the hard work close to the earth. The theme of the festival was ‘Habiter’ – to live or to dwell – and for sure, I felt completely at home in this place – I felt real and grounded: an inseparable part of the living planet.

The little houses hanging from the trees were made by children from the schools in the area – all wrapped in polythene, to protect them from the rain…  and looking, as someone said, a bit like Christmas decorations.

This area of France lies alongside the old pilgrim route of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, leading down to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and I would love to have walked it, along with the many pilgrims who still walk it today.

For lots of pictures and the full story of my experiences, and how the work got made –
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Les Phonies Bergères – 2014