Wysing Arts,  Bourn, Cambridgeshire. Sep 2000. Two sets of straight double tracks, the longest being 100m long, cut through a field of tall grass. Locally sourced chalk whiting was applied in extensive double white lines, and photographic images were placed on top. Project includes aerial photos.

The images consisted of details of the immediate landscape and the house where I stayed. They were placed to give a sense of space and timing.  At times, they also gave a sense of belongings dropped by someone who had taken off in a hurry – particularly after rain,  when the images, covered with water pools, created a bedraggled air.

aerial view of artwork

This work was inspired by the constant criss-crossing of aircraft vapour trails in the sky above Cambridgeshire, and also by ancient lines on the landscape – Nazca lines, ley lines and the like. People were invited to walk along the double tracks, fully experiencing each step of the way.

aerial view of land artwork
Linda with the pilot after the flight.