Aug 2014 – Here’s an excerpt from my diary: a sort of report to myself at the time, on my explorations in the woods and how this piece of work came about. It is not about me imposing any particular concept of my own upon the surroundings, but about tuning in to the natural flow of energies already here.


… next day

   I clambered about a bit, gathered up some more catkins, and set off along the track. It was uphill, and quite strenuous. I trekked along the steep rugged tracks for a long time, exploring, investigating, looking for potential. I found a special place high up, with great moss covered trees and a white carpet of dead bluebell stalks underneath. I wandered down below too, around the dark stony waters of the leat… and got a bit wet.

   When I eventually arrived back at the place where I had seen the little creature yesterday, it was 3.15pm. I had no idea I had been walking for three or four hours, I wish I had brought some lunch with me. I had only eaten a jam sandwich since breakfast. A little flurry of catkins fell down in front of my face and landed at my feet. Fair enough – having googled and asked a knowledgeable friend and spent all this time wandering and looking around, I had to admit they were indeed Sweet Chestnut.

   I planned to make some work here tomorrow – and spent another happy half hour pottering and dreaming and planning….