My work is generally temporary. Like life itself, it is transitory. Some pieces will last for just long enough to take a photo, and others will last for many years (good examples of this are ”Kamiyama Spiral’ and ‘The Skern’, both to be found under Outdoor Gallery).  I make more permanent representations of the work in a variety of ways – mostly with written or photo documentation.

Occasionally, the work will be purely photographic, and developed for indoor exhibition.

branch lines- from 'You Are Here'.
from ‘You Are Here’ (Indoor Gallery).


The only real difference between the Ephemeral Gallery and the Outdoor Gallery  on my site here, is that the works in the Ephemeral Gallery tend to be more fleeting and spontaneous, and are usually smaller…

But actually, when I come to a new place, I am always doing the same thing – whether I am indoors or outdoors; whether focusing on a large scale to a particular cultural setting, or on a small scale, perhaps to just a handful of autumn leaves.

The work is made always to mark a specific place and a moment in time.


In my earlier days, I used to worry about how often my work took on ancient spiralling, meandering or cyclical forms – or maybe complex networks of pathways. Now I realise this is because I am tuning in to the underlying energy and movement of a place, as well as its external features.

It all comes from the age-old questions we humans have always asked ourselves (or is it just me?) “Who am I really? Where am I? And how do I make myself at home here? ”